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srini88September 19, 2012

I am installing a first time lawn irrigation system. My vendor has quoted these parts. I have done some research on Hunter, Rainbird but I was trying to see if there are any parts here that are not up to snuff. I have seen posts on Poly, thickness etc hence wanted to make sure

All 1 inch 80 PSI poly pipe

RainBird rotors 5001's

RainBird pop-up's 1804's

12 1/2 nozzles on pup-up's

Quick taps orange saddles

RainBird electric valves

1 by funny insert couplers

Sebco Backflow 1"

RainBird modular timer expandable to 13 zones

Irritrol wired rain sensor

PVC threaded T's for manifold

Blue Stripe Swing Pipe

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Did you specify the parts on the list from your research or has the vendor designed your system and suggested the list? Who did the design? Is this system for a fairly large lawn area? How many RB rotors are you using? Is the 1" poly pipe more or less expensive than pvc line? How much length is the poly 1"? Aloha

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This is vendor provided list. This is for 10000 sq foot lawn approximately. I am using 23 Rotors. I am not sure which is less or more, I am looking to see if there are major red flags with the parts/design

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Who did your design? A 10,000 sf lawn is a 100 ft by 100 ft area. The RB 5000 rotors reach 25-50 ft(depending on system operating pressure). So 23 rotors seems unreasonable. What is your system's water pressure? The parts you have stated are very good quality. It would not be the way I would do it. I would do everything in PVC sch 40 pipe and fittings. PVC is simpler and stronger with less chance of leakage and fitting failure. You still can use the flexible swing pipe assemblies to set the heads. I don't know what your future plans are but a controller expandable to 13-zones is a little overkill and money you don't have to spend. You need one with several programs to handle various type of heads(ie. Garden, lawn, borders etc). JMHO. GL Aloha

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I would rather not post the name of the company on a public forum. My water pressure is 68 PSI. I did tell him about schedule 40 pipe and he gave me a response that the pipe is 80 PSI and me not being an expert didn't understand what schedule 40 was in relation to 80 PSI. He is providing 5 years parts and labor which looks attractive and I have been reading that Poly is better since it is flexible. I live in MI where it does get cold and Poly is more flexible for the winters.
Here is a thread that talks about this.

On the rotors do you mean he is excessive? He shows me the placement and it looked good to cover the lawn and the flower beds I have

Thanks for your posts so far

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The maximum operating pressure for 1" Sch 40 pvc is 240 psi. See link below.

I don't know why he would say it has a maximum pressure rating of 80 psi. 68 pressure is excellent pressure for what you want to do. Even on the slightly high side but not enough to cause failure. Sounds like he wants to sell you something that is more expensive than common inexpensive pvc. PVC will be easier and cheaper to install with fittings. PVC is inert and last a very long time buried in the ground and in a valve box. You don't want a flexible pipe underground and could be damaged easier when hit by accident with a garden tool. Either pipe can be damage if water is left in the pipe during winter, PE may have a slight edge to this but not much. You should blow out the system water in late fall for either pipe material. PVC will have better fitting integrity than PE fittings. On the rain bird site they say that the 5000 series rotor has a 25 ft to 50 foot reach. What is the dimension of your lawn and what is the reach that your supplier/contractor is claiming? You have very good pressure, so you be at the higher end of the reach length. It is your call on the pipe and rotors. If the warranty is something that makes you warm and fuzzy go for it but check with the better business bureau for statistics for this vendor. If he has a good track record you are probably good. I am just bringing up some inconsistencies that sound like slick salesmanship. The more you can describe the details the better the advice. JMHO Aloha

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Thanks, did you happen to see the link I put in my previous post. I am attaching it again

In this link they are recommending Poly compared to PVC hence the confusion since your post is suggesting PVC. They also say in this post not to go with saddles and do inserts whereas my vendor as per my first post is putting saddles. Can you clarify further?

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I don't think I need to clarify, I read the old gardenweb thread and it is an old debate and a good one. It comes down to you doing what you think is best/economical over the long term. I was debunking your suppliers comment that sch 40 pvc was rated at 80 psi(thus my link, see for yourself). That is bogus and sets off my cerebral cortex alerts that he is deceiving you or you miss quoted him. He may never answer his phone for your warranty issues after he has your money. My advice is concentrate on the trust issues. When those alarms are sounding, I always look at what benefit he may have for the deception and is he someone you should avoid. As stated before, do some research on the company and also reach out to other supplier/installers to get more local opinions as long as you are not in a hurry. If you feel fine about the company good luck. I hope It all turns out wells for you. Your confidence grows with the number of people you research from. JustMyHumbleOpinion Aloha

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