How much water do you know or feel your grass/shrub needs weekly

loger_gwDecember 23, 2012

Approximately how much water do you know or feel your grass/shrub needs weekly during this cold drought season in North, Tx and other areas. I winterized my irrigation system and hate to add water again before the seasonal change. My usual pattern is one hr of watering per week if we d/n get measurable or equivalent rain. The soil appears bone dry even though our temp is mild.

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What is your normal temps this time of Yr ? What Type of Grass and Schrubs are you referring are they native to your area? Note: Even more important what happened to those Cowboys losing 34-31 to New Orleans . Still have a chance if they win next wk :>

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Normal 30s -60s are about normal temps but no rain is the issue IMO. St Augustine grass and all native plants.

I missed the game and have no opinion of the Cowboys due to not being into sports. The stadium is about 20 miles away but I have never had the energy, interest or money since 1970. I'm Into Fun Stuff, LOL!!

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Just an Old Jock at Heart thus the necessity of Hip Replacments.As for the Horticulture 101 , I use rule of thumb that at temps below 55 Deg F evaporations rate is not any issue unless severe winds are a norm . Since you have indicated low temps and native folliage I would just ensure to maintain good colour of vegetation .
You may requiure either a short Deluge application of water or a longer moderate rate of watering dependant on your soil composition loam vs sand vs clay. The ideal is a 30/30/30 mixture with a 10% organic mixture making up the final composition. The waterng should achieve minimium penetration of at least 1/2 inch . On our hunting plot we at times supplement natural rainfall with additional watering via a 4wheeler with irrigation 20 gallon tank . The plot is just over an acre , thus not a great hardship for a food plot for deer.

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We Got It! A measurable heavy rain fall that we needed. I only know from the hrs of rain and minor damages (leaves and tree's debris) and etc vs knowing how to find the exact amount. It stripped our Ball Cypress tree, Thanks Goodness! Which was needed vs the daily driveway cleaning vs tracking the cones and rosin into the house and garage.

Happy Holidays!

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