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bersh(NE PA)June 9, 2014

My LT repair guy of 14 years (that was when I purchased a Craftsman 917.27114 new) says that my mower deck is bent, thus explaining why it was pushed up against the rear tire. He has not committed to repairing it. I found an o.e.m deck, new, for $187. While I am awaiting my guy's repair estimate, I would like to hear other opinions about repairing a 14 year old, excellent (great Kohler 16.5 engine)machine that does have a few issues-but is totally reliable and handles my 1-2 acre yard, and a yearly serious cutting of two one acre fields when the grass is two feet high-with bone jarring ease. What comparable machine might you all suggest I buy as a replacement-42 inch mower, 16.5 hp?x

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I'm a professional mechanic, and as such I don't have to "farm out" any repair work to other parties.
So, if it was me looking at the same situation, I would personally jump at the new deck for $187.
But there are some caveats in anything where some old parts must be transferred to a new, bare, or stripped assembly.
In the case of a bare deck shell, blade mandrels and other operating components will have to be moved from the old deck, to the new deck. and that brings up the specter of bolts being rusted or seized in place and having to be cut out.
Or drilled out regarding the mandrels.
Now, if this new deck is complete and ready to hang, I don't see how they can sell them so cheap.
If you are satisfied with all other aspects of your 14 year old machine, even putting $450 dollars into it might not be as expensive as replacing it with something else.
Cutting 1 acre fields of 2' high grass/weeds is not normal duty for this tractor, nor for any replacement LT you might get.
I always feel like I am offering advice from a mechanics point of view, which can be very different to the typical homeowner.
So, always look at my advice/suggestions as "is that something I can do or will I have to pay someone else to do that?".

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