14 of 16 zones do not work

petewillsSeptember 27, 2012

Hi, All,

I have a complex irrigation system I inherited when I bought the house. It was working fine for a couple of months but, one day, 14 of 16 zones stopped working. I have:

checked the voltages at the box (Hunter) and they are fine.

put my hand on solenoids when powered and they do vibrate

turned a couple of solenoid several turns counter clockwise but no water comes out.

Between the water main and the system is a vacuum valve (720-A). I don't know how to trouble shoot it.

I do not know the pluming pipe layout but I do have a map of the sprinkler heads.

Any suggestions?

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Troubleshooting for the auto-valves requires you to turn the solenoid counter-clockwise until the zone comes on. This has nothing to do with the electronics of the controller. To turn the zone off, turn the solenoid clockwise just barely enough until the zone water goes off. Do not over-tighten the solenoid. All this does is show you that the auto-valves are mechanically working properly. Let us know what you discover and we take the next step in troubleshooting. Aloha

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