One well two pumps

yendis7935September 1, 2013

I would like to know the best way to add a second pump to my existing sprinkler/pump system because I made a mistake burned up a Harbor Freight pump/pressure tank.

I installed a one inch pvc water line around the house and added 5 faucets and want a separate pump to send water to the faucets.
I thought I could splice into the supply line infront of the sprinkler pump and get water to the Harbor Freight pump.
I worked for a short while but I kept getting air in the line. Finally on my 5 day of trying the HF pump started to smoke from the electrical side. I do not know if it was my pulmbing or just a motor failure. How should I run the piping and what size pump should I use??

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It's more difficult to suggest you direct solution without seeing it. It will be best for you - If you have reached at your local water irrigation systems suppliers who provide such type of services.

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Vicki is correct. This too difficult to guess what to do without actually seeing the conditions and check your fittings, etc. Have licensed pump/irrigation contractor. Check the BBB for ones with good records. Have three come and give you quote on what you would like to accomplish. Let the forum know the details and we can make recommendations. Information that the specialist will ask is the yield of the pump and your peak expected (or desired) daily water usage. If you don't know this, then it is something the contractor can calculate for you. JMHO Aloha

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