$@#*$&@#* rabbits!!

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)April 3, 2014

I got a dozen or so of my Acer palmatum and Acer shirasawanum seeds to sprout in stratification. I planted them in individual cells and they started popping up.

Since the weather was warming up, I sat the young seedlings outside.

Within 4 hours (!!!!) a #@@*$$# rabbit ate them and even uprooted them. ALL of them. I'm so far beyond p----ed off at this point!!!!

I've got a half-built chicken wire fence that I am completing this weekend, but apparently, not fast enough.

All that and my oak and Aesculus seedlings (most still have the nut attached) were completely left alone. Seems they were more interested in tender sprouts than nuts - and the oaks and buckeyes are to a point where the stems are getting woody, so probably were not appealing to the rabbit.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I had a Quercus 'New Marid' that I planted two falls ago in the morning and it was gone that evening.

They smell the new stuff and this time of year is the WORST.
I leave all my fences up until I see all new grass growing.

I get the most damage in late fall and right about now.

Sorry to hear about your seedlings. If it makes you feel better I saw a rabbit leg this morning, lol.

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I know the feeling,i had that happen years ago with a lot of small grafted 1,2,and 3 year maples i had stashed on the side of my house. It is a crappy feeling. They need to be protected until they are fully leafed out around here and the clover is growing. They will stand on their hind legs and prune up larger maples as well.
Been a bad year for me with rabbits this year but i might add, its been a bad year for them too........


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

My wife pointed out that very little else is growing right now. Finally just the last few days the countryside is greening up. Most of the lawns were brown until a few days ago, now all but the scattered Zoysia lawns have greened up.

I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack now.

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jdo053103(7b - NC)

The rabbits were so bad with past year that I went out and bought 2 traps. The first few nights I put them out I was getting 2 a night. Now I haven't caught any in a few weeks, but no more rabbit damage.
I baited with sliced apples, ripe bananas and nuts. I caught 7 rabbits in total.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

I'm feeling lucky...rabbits (and squirrels) have been in very low numbers ever since a couple of northern harriers (at least that's what they look like to my untrained eye, but hawks nonetheless) have been hanging around the 'hood. Like whaas, rabbit fur and squirrel parts...


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Those sons a *****es! You have my greatest sympathy after last summers rat feast in my little growing area. I have to get some fencing up asap as my maple seeds are just now starting to sprout...

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

jdo053103, can you share with us the kinds of traps you use.

I now have a mating pair in my yard! Yikes!

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

At my previous house, there was a rabbit family living under the barn next door and one chewed my little shantung maple in half a couple years ago. Grr.... I had to block the entrance under the fence...

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jdo053103(7b - NC)

dave_in_nova - I bought the traps at tractor supply, it was a large and a smaller one both for $35. Not sure on the brand. Works great, I even caught 4 or 5 squirrels.

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Hope the acorns (live oak) I sent aren't amongst the casualties. Sorry to hear about the others. I know they will decapitate trees and not even eat what they chewed off. If they ate them, you could reason that they were hungry, but they leave the chewed off top next to the rest of the tree, on the ground.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

replant the seedlings... all in one plant ...

you might be surprised how resilient they are ...

on the acreage ... former horse pasture.. i am surprised how many 3 inch trees there are in the mowed part ... and how many i hit with RUp that survive ...

its an experiment.. go for it

otherwise.. death to vermin ... and good luck


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