Sprinkler does not shut off..

shankarv(z10b CA)September 26, 2004

I have a Lawn Genie sprinkler (brand new - installed as part of replacing an older Richdel unit yesterday) that does not seem to be shutting off, eventhough the cycle is not running. I am suspecting that there is probably an issue with the voltage at the solenoid, but am not sure how to go about isolating the issue. The solenoid is brand new, hence I dont think that is the cause. Please send me pointers on what voltage I should be seeing between the common wire and the one for the zone and anything else that you may think is relevant..


- Shankar

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

i never used lawn genie, but I've noticed some valves with flow-control, you need to shut the flow control on and off once or twice to correct this problem.

Ummm, another thing, make sure the valve is installed properly, I had a guy work for me once who was an "irrigation expert" and he put all the valves in backwards (not like they have ARROWS or anything) and they all ran and could not shut off.


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Might have dirt in the valve not allowing the diapham to close. As a rule(to make it simple) if it won't turn on it is the solenoid if it won't shut off it is the diapham. And as deeproots says try the on/off of the flow control if your valves have them.

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sprinkler_medic(north texas)


Unscrew the bleeder valve and let water flow for about 5 seconds and then screw it back in. Neilaz is right when they dont shut off there is normaly trash under the diaphram that will not let it close. If the trash is too big for the bleeder valve you will have to take it apart which is common when someone puts in a system and is not carefull about dirt. You can also try turning your back flow devive off and on a few times because that sometimes forces the trash out of the valve. When a valve is put in backwards 99.9 % of the time the will just not work and not sure what kind of valves deeproots is talking about because valves just dont work that way but I have never used lawn genie. Also It would be helpfull to know if you are on well or city water because if you are on well water you cant use just any cheap valve due to the iron in the water. If none of that works replace the noid and if that does not work replace the valve but please not with lawn genie.

sprinkler medic

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shankarv(z10b CA)

Thanks for all your suggestions. Weird thing was that I had to replace the valve next to this one too, and the entire system started to work fine again. And I used RainBird for the second one, thanks to your suggestions.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

sprinkler medic.
for the record (or in case you're curious) they were Nelson valves.

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Another reason this happens, and I know from experience, is that the solenoid might be missing an o ring.

This will cause you to overtighten the soleniod to prevent leaking, which will, in turn, cause the valve to NOT shut off properly.

Remember, solenoids should not leak when properly hand tightened. Turning a solenoid 1/4 turn to the left should start the sprinklers running... and turning it back should shut them off easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rain Bird FAQ

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Timer cycles through complete 7 zones, then returns to
zone #1 (front yard) and will not shut off) Must turn off
manuel/physical front yard shut off to turn off entire
irrigation. Thank you!

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I removed the bleeder cap from the 2 valves that did not shut off. I tried on one first one couple of times and then the valve closed. on the second one, it took about 10 tries (do not give up)!! at the beginning the water coming through the small bleeder hole was not shooting straight up as in the other valves. I removed the bleeder cap back and forth and finally I could see the water shooting straight up ...guess what.... after this the valve closed! thanks guys!!

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