Is Echo Power Blend Two Cycle Mix + StaBil a conflict vs a waste?

loger_gwDecember 3, 2012

Is Echo Power Blend Two Cycle Mix + StaBil a conflict vs a waste?

I'm purchasing the two cycle mix for the oil but I notice it's rated to have a stabilizer also. I treat my 2 gallons of gas with StaBil before adding any oil if needed X ratios needed. Could there be a conflict with the tow different stabilizers?

The real waste is I still mixing my 70s, 80s equipment (chainsaws, blower) 16:1 as they are rated. Peace of Mind! Since one saw locked on 50:1 fuel. It possibly was not a Premium Synthetic mix and a mistake since it was leftover 50:1 from summer boating.

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Echo oil is good oil and stabilizes well- yes. Is their a conflict using both- no. If it gives you more peace of mind, no problem!

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tomplum, Thanks For The Relpy! My chains of thoughts are:

1.The little use I put on the equipment for my personal use only should not cost that much more.

2. No excess smoke or mess I would expect with excess oil (even though Echo suggest less smoke).

3. I respect the Factory recommendations and I know technology changes things but how in this case? I feel synthetic is the key word; hearing/seeing engines perform better on synthetic blend or synthetic oil.

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I've been using the Stihl synthetic in my saw and FS trimmer, but still add Startron to the fuel. All my fuel gets Startron at the pump. Even the Echo oil from years back would run a saw good and long. I don't have any 16:1 or even 32:1 products. If you mix it that rich and don't have excessive emissions, I guess that I wouldn't worry about it. You certainly want to take care of that old stuff. I would think tho you could go to the next thinner level and not have an issue. IE I may run a 16:1 product at 32:1, but personally if I were really working it- I'd leave the 50:1 in the can.... 16:1 is just a LOT of oil. Lighter duty use or basic test runs 40/50:1 shouldn't be an issue. Tho "They' say it is allowed. "They" don't have to replace the equipment, do they?

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I mix a rich 32:1 and run all my 2 strokes on it. I mix 2 gallons at a time and keep it out of the sun. Lasts about 9 months. No 2 stroke carb issues to speak of. I do dose the mix with MMO when I fill up the tool. I prefer reliability to top performance

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Using todays premium dino oils with stabilizer you can for go the additional stabilizer if fuel is used within 4-6 mths. If you are going to store longer than that and I would go with Tom's advice of Star*tron . As far as oil mix ratio's I use 50: 1 on all units from saws to weed wackers and snowmobiles and outboards with no issues with premium synthetic Amsoil . Some of the units are over 30 yrs old with OEM ratio recommendation of 16: 1 . Todays oil are that much better than what was produced 30 yrs ago . Even todays dino oils are safe at 50:1 if used properly . The risk with lighter mix ratios is human error when you do not mix proper, but to each their own . If you sleep better with 32: 1 OR heavier 16: 1 have at it Bro :)

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