strange leaking valve on new system

stompoutbermuda(Z8DesertSunsetZ11)October 12, 2012

I just added some lines to my system and new valves. Now instead of 3 zones, I have 6. I replaced all the anti syphon valves with new ones. All the valves are well above the sprinkler heads. One of the valves was leaking constantly so I replaced it with another new one... when I did that, one of the other new ones began leaking. The only simularity is that the fist valve to leak was at a slightly lower elevation then the other valves and now the new one that is leaking (on another zone) is the lowest in the configuration..... Soooo, it seems no matter what I do that the lowest valve WILL leak. If I redo the valves so that they are all perfectly level with each other will the leaking stop? There is only a difference of a couple inches. Thank you!

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Go to one vac-breaker valve for all zones and then manifold the auto valves separately. Have the vac-breaker at least 6" above the auto-valve manifold. I believe this is simpler, less expensive and less frustrating. JMHO Aloha

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Anti siphon valves should be at least 16" above the highest point in your yard.I recommend installing a Pressure Vacuum Breaker(anti siphon)I use a brand called Febco. I install the valves underground to protect them from the weather.(I'm in Arizona) I also only purchase my products from a irrigation supply instead of the home stores. You get much better quality. As a licensed landscape contractor,I would suggest you take a picture of your valves and show it to someone at a irrigation store. (Ewing, Horizon,for example)Good luck

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