Snowblower - Ok for Axle/Sprocket Assemblies to not be Parallel?

tanqueraygDecember 7, 2013

I need to fix an issue with a Jack Assembly (big and little sprocket on an axle) on a Craftsman Snowthrower, 11 HP, Model #536.886220. It appears the axle on it is anchored to the chassis by the retainer/bearings to be at a slight angle (approx 5 degrees) off from being parallel to the other axle/sprocket assemblies that has a chains going to. Does this make sense? I see one retainer/bearing is on a sheet metal section that broke a weld and moves further out of parallel alignment with heavy force. When I make sure it is back in position to the old weld position it is a little better but still a slight angle. I am going to reweld the sheet but am baffled and concerned with this. The chain slipped off recently and I found the weld break but it looks like after a fix it will still be angled. The sprocket teeth look machine to hold the change at an angle if need so maybe this is normal. Please let me know what is normal.

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Please post some good pics of your concerns. I feel you will get more and better replies. In many cases you can see and add better support, Etc to machinery than the manufacturer. Improvements And Whys Are Challenging!

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Chances are when they flanged up the chassis, the brake operator got the sheet metal off a little bit before he pushed the pedal.
Just from a mechanical sense, the sprocket/chain life would be max if things lined up properly.
Rear derailleur bicycles live with mis matching chain lines, but those parts are considered consumables by anyone that does a lot of riding.

I'd line things up.

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