Suggestions on finding a serpentene belt on a Sears Twin Cylinder

loger_gwDecember 12, 2012

Suggestions on finding a serpentene belt on a Sears Twin Cylinder Air Compressor (discontinued Mod # 106.153542, probably Campbell-Hausfeld). I had no idea I would find this challenge on the 1972 purchased compressor. The existing belt might be my best option (for now w/o a choice) since it appears to still be strong. It has minor damage to one edge "Showing" causing a bounce look pulley to pulley. I feel with 40 yrs general home use "only" it has to be deteriorated and on borrowed time.

Sears parts said they are out of stock and that the Model and Mfg are discontinued. I though auto and industrial serpentene belts were related but I saw a big difference at the Auto Store on the number of Vs vs lengths today. I do have a WWW Grainger here and the air compressor belts terminology seems to be "Polly V Belts" in their catalog and they looks as mine vs an automotive. The big question is will they have one or a close options. I feel I can modify to a close option w/o a problem. My belt measures 1/2" wide with 6 ext V's X 48-49" which should work with WWW's only listed 5/8" with 6 ext V's at this length if they are stocked. Even closer on this side of town is Harbor Freight and Northern Tools. I'll drive to WWW if all stock a belt.

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Well, their parts list show 2 different belts.
A BT-31 & a BT-32

BT-31 belt
BT-32 belt

Apparently one is 49" long and the other 46"

Look at Grainger 3X542

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Thanks Bill! This link below shows the belt might be a few blocks away related to a Cub Cadet or Etc mowers. I might be able to get the belt from my identical back-up twin cylinder compressor donor. Dry rot is a concern at this age but my belt is not showing excessive cracks or Etc.. The belt will fit tightly over my 24" framing Square which leads me to fell it�s a 48-49" belt. I feel I'll have a new or better belt soon!!!

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Grainger Has A Good Wide Variety! They basically guaranteed me they could match my belt if seen due to no specs vs 6 Rib Poly V Belt (from a good share in this info). So good, they had a closer (new to me) location on this side of town. So good, their Dayton 3X542 (490J6) was 10.00 cheaper than a vendor that w/n share his brand's name.

The new belt runs smooth but there is always a question if it's too tight or too loose. Using some old rules of thumb: a tight feel, 5 lbs will flex the belt 1" and a thumb and finger will twist the belt???

An additional find, was 2 extra felt filters wired to the head to tank compressed air transfer pipe were saturated with oil from the compressed air seeping air/oil. I got a good back-up wrench in place and turn to eliminate the seeping compression fitting. Washed my new extra filters in paint thinner (naphtha is too expensive). LOL!

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