Starter Rope Recoil Problems On Weed Eater BV 165 Blower/Vac

loger_gwDecember 22, 2011

Starter Rope Recoil Problems On Weed Eater BV 165 Blower/Vac. The rope's recoil is in the back, bottom, center, between the blower housing and two cycle engine (lots of allen head screws). I could not see a problem but I feel it is cold weather related since this is mainly when the recoiling fails. There was no excess of grime or any restrictions that I could find. Could this be an old spring that the cold weather is affecting?

This was a project that was more trouble than it was worth. Except the 15.00 garage sale purchased engine has worked well since before the mid-90s. Thanks For Any Help! loger

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Try squirting penetrating oil in different places of the recoil housing and recoil to see if that free it up.

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Thanks! I soaked it good with PB Blaster Penetrating/Lub before I took it down (knowing I would find something binding, broken or need adjusting. I d/n see a single cause to make it not work consistently. The work to get to the coil spring and re-wind it was the killer. loger

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I worked on an old homelite chainsaw w/ the same symptoms and finally wound up having to shim the recoil housing out w/ small flat washers between it and the flywheel housing. Worked great after that.

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Bingo! Bingo! I Solved The Blower's Problems In My Sleep. In about an hour I Had The Monster Ready For Some Leaves Next Week. A Manual Would Have Been Nice. Putting the blower back together made me realize the blower housing d/n have to come apart but off. Such as: Removing the blower (1 nut) and 4 screws to rem the engine and recoil from the bottom blower housing, 5 screws to get to the recoil on bottom of engine off. I felt I would have to see something different since there is no attempt of recoiling after hearing something slip (as the spring). I felt I saw no way the spring could slip, due to a good lock at the O/S dia and auto catch I/S dia. I made a correction on the coil spring's cover (up vs down) that I c/n see how it mattered but I guess it did because it works fine now.

The Bottom Line, It's Good To Have A Manual, Plus Old Experiences!! Again, "Some Jobs Are Not Worth The Time vs Personal". I can remember shops saying the work is not worth our time, "But This Is What You Can Do To Fix It". loger

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