clogged fogg-it nozzles

ken_ny(Z10FL)October 15, 2010

How do you clean/unclog fogg-it nozzles without wrecking them?

I have several dozen in many different sizes but mostly super fine.

I use them to mist and fertilize orchids and bromeliads, etc. mounted on cork bark or growing in open wood slatted baskets.

Most of them have at least one or two of the of the three nozzles completely clogged.

Any suggestions other than using a pre-filter?

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My guess is that they are clogged from the fertilizer salt build up. Soak them overnight in vinegar and see if that helps. Aloha

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full strength or diluted?

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As strong as you dare. I believe in full strength as the shortest route to nirvana. Aloha. By the way test one and if it works, do the others and set up a maintenance routine if you are using system as fertilizer delivery. GL

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Tried it & wow! - it worked like a champ. a 24 hour soak in full strength distilled white vinegar opened up all three nozzles of the completely clogged super fine fogg-it misters that haven't worked in years.

Thanks so much for the tip.


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