Generac engin problem.

larry42December 2, 2009

Hi, I tried to start my 8 year old Gernerac 4000xl generator

up, as I do every few months or so, but it wouldn't keep running. It runs for a few seconds and quits, sort of as if there as a clogged filter with just a bit of gas getting thru every few minutes. I can't find any such filter.Any suggestions? Thanks, Larry

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It is likely just a matter of giving the carb a quick clean. The you can also watch flow out of the bowl or line. It is a good idea to change the fuel out and re treat it.

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It does sound like a fuel delivery problem, If you can, Put in a "in-line" fuel filter, Clean out the fuel lines, Some fuel tanks have a screen in the tank so to trap the big stuff b-4 it gets to the filter or carb. Maybe it is the fuel pump is weak?

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