Mystery peonies starting to bloom :D

lilsproutJune 8, 2014

Last year I was offered these three plants...for the digging. I had no idea what they were. They had long since bloomed and were pretty ratty looking. Being a plant lover....I couldn't turn it down. Later a friend told me they were peonies....I was pleasantly surprised :)

It was quite hot last summer when I planted them, so I doubted they would survive. They came back very nicely and I've been patiently waiting for them to bloom....anxious to see what color(hoping no reds).

The first one has finally bloomed :) ......what a beauty! Very pleased with the color.

Any idea what kind?

I'm still waiting for the other the other two to bloom....they look to be a dark pink....

I did post this in the peony forum but wanted to share with you too.

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I have a similar one. Might be 'Bowl of Beauty' altho' the foliage doesn't look right.

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

That's not Bowl of Beauty. Then again, what passes for Bowl of Beauty seems to be a huge ugly mess out there in the plant world. You might want to try on the Peony Forum, but a proper ID is probably next to impossible. There are just so many double pink ones.


Here is a link that might be useful: B of B images

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I was told it looks like a raspberry sundae.

From the pics, I agree. There are so many varieties....I never!

Patiently awaiting the others to bloom :)

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Second one bloomed today....

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Did the others bloom yet? I love peonies but have only two-a pink and a dark rose color one. How lucky for you that you were given these. They are beauties.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Who cares what they are they are gorgeous - especially the light pink one!

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pam_whitbyon(6 Niagara)

mxk3, I'm waiting for your peony porn as in past years :)

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Campanula UK Z8

Nothin' for me this year.....because bloody great builder's boots and scaffolding stands ended up right in the middle of mine. They had not a single bloom (just many tiny aborted budlets....damn!). Gritting my teeth at the miserable garden devastation (new roof - not my choice), I have to avert my eyes from the entire bed. Thankfully, I did remove a few of the plants before the chaos but the paeonies were enormo-size. Next year, they should recover.....or the year after.
Good for you - free plants are always a bonus.....but good free plants are the tops.

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Lol mxk3. The light pink is my favorite also.

The other 2 were the same...dark pink.

Sorry to hear camp. Those who do not garden are totally clueless!

I've had people just stomp thru my beds! Of course I'm always quick to correct their clumsiness (to put it nicely). My daughters friends saw a new side of me after running/cutting thru my beds. They haven't been near them since ;)

Another pic of the light pink peony.....

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