Will it be okay to plant 2 in my container?

MaryDanielle(5)May 11, 2012

I have a wooden planter that I made with about 30-35 half inch drainage holes that measures 32"x14"x14". Will it be okay to plant my Ebb Tide and Distant Drums in? Or will there not be enough adequate air circulation? I do have other containers, but think they'll look great in the wooden planter. Any suggestions? They will be arriving tomorrow and will be purchasing the potting soil when my husband gets off and need to know how many bags to buy.

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Campanula UK Z8

um, I think it might be a bit of a squeeze but at least you are not in zone 9 or 10 so they might not get so huge. Also, as I do not grow either of these......not even sure why I am chiming in really so feel free to ignore and wait for someone with more expertise .

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MaryDanielle, perhaps if they're own root, in your climate it may work. Either would get too large for 14" cube container in this climate, particularly if budded. Fortunately, it's large enough that if you find after a year or two they are too squeezed together, you can always seperate them during bare root time without much set back. You're right, the combination might look rather interesting together. Kim

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seil zone 6b MI

If the container were larger I'd say go for it but that doesn't sound like enough root room for two full grown climbers. It sure would be pretty though!

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Hmm... Thank you for all the replies. I wasn't sure if it would be large enough. Perhaps later on I can separate as Kim suggested, I think the combination will be stunning. Eesh... I think I'll try it! I can always build another one after my baby gets here... and my husband no longer has a ban on my woodworking equipment. :/

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diane_nj 6b/7a

My mature (5+ years) Distant Drums is 4.5' tall and 3' wide. Sounds too small of a space to me.

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Then again, I don't want to fail... oh bother. :/ I wish I could make a larger one!

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You COULD put a divider in the box to create two, seperate planting areas in it so moving them would be easier. That would make it almost like transplanting from a five gallon to a seven or larger. Then, there would be little to no root disturbance when transplanting them. You could replant either with smaller varieties or two new babies to be rotated out the following season or two. Might as well enjoy the new planting box and keep your new babies where you can enjoy them up close and personal. It couldn't hurt in the short run. Kim

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True, it could be a temporary spot for them, and I could change them out when they out grow the container... it will also give me an excuse to buy more later on. :) Thank you Kim! :D

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You're welcome!

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I'm hardly the rose authority on this board but I have grown roses for 40 years and currently battle the fog and elements in SF with 21 roses, one of which is ebb Tide.

So my 2cents worth is this: someone mentioned that is not enough room for 2 climbers but I do not see where you said they were climbers. MY Ebb Tide is and has been in an 8x 10 in deep pot and never has the bush gotten over 3 feet high. So for me, it is a low bush and I think it would do fine in a planter almost 3 feet long and 14" deep even with another rose near it.

I mainly wrote though because you speak of simply replanting it later? My experience is roses HATE being moved - none I ever moved did well after a move and a couple flat out died. Maybe I did it wrong or I'm all wet but I would hesitate to plant them knowing you MIGHT re-move one later. Yet, I think they will do fine together as long as you are not expecting 5-6 foot roses.

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David, I can see where they would have issues with being transplanted from one in-ground hole to another, but the "transplanting" I've suggested is very similar to moving it from a five gallon to a seven, ten or fifteen gallon can. 99% of the time I've done that, the rose doesn't even know it's been moved, until it begins to explode into growth due to more root room and being surrounded by fresh soil.

If the divider is secured down the middle of the planter box, creating two, equal "pots", there isn't any reason why her two roses couldn't be planted in it, then moved up to the next larger container, or even planted into the garden. Kim

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I am also in zone 5 and overwintering roses in any container can be a challenge all it's own. Will you be able to move said container into a protected location for the winter? Just something to consider, you wouldn't want to lose those two lovelies the first winter.

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I know it's not the best to keep them in containers, but my husband is in the Army, and we don't stay in one place for too long. I've lost gardens to old houses, and thought this might be a solution. I'm hoping they'll be okay in the box together, I went ahead and planted them together. I am planning on mulching them, and putting them in the garage or basement for the winter. I'm hoping I'll be successful in this venture, because I've always wanted a beautiful garden, but since my husband has 12 years at least left until he retires, it's not in my near future. I did add a board in the middle to help with any future transplanting. Thank you for all the help everyone! I'll update on how they do. :) I'm hoping I may get some blooms this year... although I'm not even sure if that's possible for 2 year old dormant plants to bloom the first year.

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