Redo and addon sprinkler system backfill question

stompoutbermuda(Z8DesertSunsetZ11)October 7, 2012

Here in the desert, during the winter we get freezing down to 1 foot acording to our building dept. Ever since last spring, I have been adding more zones and replaced some pipe in the original zones that were exposed to sun. Never before have any of these original systems froze, so for my additional pipes I made sure to make them slightly lower then the originals. Now it is time to backfill all the trenches. But I wanted to backfill with compost however, my brother tells me that I might have freezing problems if I do that.... My brother is well known for teezing me and giving me a hard time, so Im not sure if this is true or not... IF it is true, then what would you pro's suggest to protect my pipes? I had 2/3s of the original dirt hauled off already...

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So what depth are they to be buried? Aloha

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I have been burying them just slightly below the original pipes... about 13-14"

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The usual specification is to make sure there are not rocks in the trench under your pipe, usually one places a compacted sand bed then you backfill your pipe with non-expansive soil(non-organic)and compact the backfill around and over the pipe. This is to keep unnecessary stresses off the pipe and keep the pipe in place. The pipe will actually float up if the area is saturated when the pipe is not full. You can omit the sand bed but it makes the trench bottom level to support the full pipe length. GL JMHO Aloha

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