Zone not working - out of ideas

kool_diyOctober 4, 2012


I have a zone that stopped working a few days ago. I have a standard anti-siphon valve set up with a disc filter and a pressure regulator after the valve (this is for the drip irrigation zone).

The testing that I have done so far are:

Tried turning the solenoid manually - does not work.

Tried turning the bleeder - does not work.

Taken off the valve completely - water comes through, so it is not a supply issue.

Taken off the top of the anti-siphon piece and turned the solenoid - water comes through the anti-siphon.

Taken off the disc filter cover and turned the solenoid - water comes through the filter opening.

Taken out the disc filter and reclosed the filter cover (to eliminate an issue with the filter) - sprinklers do not turn on.

The next step that I am about to do is to take off the pressure regulator to see if it is a problem with that, but in order to do that, I need to cut the pipe. Wanted to see if others have had this issue. Also, if it were a problem with the pressure regulator, would it not send water back put through the anti-siphon?

Please help!

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Replace the PR and use a repair coupling so that it is replaceable again without too much trouble. You covered just about everything. I would replace the auto valve also at the same time. Shouldn't cost that much. Did you have a break or crack in the zones piping? JMHO Aloha

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Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if there is a crack in the piping. The question I could not answer was - if it was the PR, wouldn't water back out of the anti-siphon outlet?

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when you turn the water supply off is there any water discharge out of the anti-siphon. If there is the blockage is further down the distribution line, if not then the PR is clogged. To answer your question, water will only discharge thru the outlet when the inlet pressure is released.

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