Running all sprinkler zones

stretch561October 16, 2013

Kind of new to this. Is was checking the gpm of my 4 zone sprinklers that are currently running off of city water. Recently had well drilled in at 65'. My biggest zone is 12.7 gpm . I was looking to get a pump that was in the 20 gpm 40 psi range to run zones each at 15 minutes. I talk to a pump guy and had a 50 gpm 55 psi pump and said that I can take the cam out of a four zone indexing valve and run all zones at once for 30 mins. All zones are under 50 gpm. I know it will take a little bit for water to reach the furthest sprinkler which isn't to far from the pump. I was just wondering if there are any other conflicting things that can go wrong with this idea. Thank you in advanced.

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Ask the pump guy what your well's sustainable yield is? aloha

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Wouldn't the well gpm depend on what size pump is hooked up to well line.

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Well driller said 25 gpm. I'm going to stick with 4 zones. My biggest is 12.7 gpm. What pump size would be good. My well is 65 ft, I would like a little mor gpm incase I want to add sprinklers in the future.

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Here is a good link to understand the process of selecting your pump:

Info to find out:
1. For 12.7 gpm what is the well's drawdown?
2. Diameter of well casing
3. Type of pump you want to purchase?
4. Depth of water level in well to ground surface in feet?
5. Elevation difference in feet from well ground surface to highest point the water will be needed?
6. What pressure you will need in the irrigation system?

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