Compact Japanese Maple

rajdawgApril 19, 2014

We planted a compact Jap Maple last spring and it was beautiful. By far my favorite plant in our yard.

We have had a cold spring so I am not necessarily concerned that it is not budding yet. But it did not drop its leaves last fall. We had a sudden freeze early last fall which I am sure had something to do with it.

Three things I noticed:

1) The old leaves are brown and crunchy
2) The Branches have turned a reddish color looking like they have come out of dormancy
3) I tore off the tip of one of the branches and it was a greenish color inside so I believe that means it is still living

IS there anything I can do to help speed up the removal of the old leaves so we can get some new ones? Should I remove the old leaves by hand?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

1. the leaves should have fallen off in fall ... since they didint it indicates.. to me.. winter came on hard and fast.. so that they didnt have time to fall off ... they soon will.. NBD ...

it may also indicate that you fertilized it ... and it did not properly harden off to fall ... no more fert.. ever.. if this is the case ...

2. good ..

3. NEVER tear off any more tips ... crikey man .. lol ... there is a scratch test.. but do not do it.. you already tested ...

in my MI ... we are still weeks away from bud burst.. me thinks you are jumping the gun a bit ...

any chance you still have the tag.. since 'compact JM' .... really says nothing ....

patience ... is the only trick to spring.. in the cold white north.. and thank God its not white any more ... lol ... but its still cold at night for many of us.. understand.. that the triggering of active growth.. is related to SOIL temps thru the whole root zone ... and you might be surprised.. how just a few inches down.. the soil is still really cold .. well.. it is in MI anyway ... warm spring rains.. usually change that .... getting warmth down into the soil ...


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As Ken says, NBD. Sudden cold in fall can often cause JM's to retain old foliage through the winter and into early spring. It will fall off on its own as the new buds swell and push leaves. The reddish brown color of the stems is an excellent sign - if they were dull and gray you'd have something to worry about!

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