wilting plant. what's wrong???

priscilla384October 15, 2013

I am very sure I watered too much to the extent of the water flowing out of the drainage holes of the pot of diameter 8-10cm. The next day(monday) the plant became soft, mushy, drooping , still green. I checked online forums and they said to leave it alone for a few days. I watered two sprays for three days just in case since its really warm during the afternoons. Moreover, it was raining on monday and yesterday. Instead, it became dry and crispy, brown at the edges today, unlike monday. So did I over water or is it because there's too little water? Please and thanks for helping^^

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Most likely too much water is the problem. Feel the soil underneath the surface either with you finger or a chopstick and check if the soil is wet. Let the plant dry out enough for the soil to feel almost dry. Too much water displaces the air(voids between soil particles) in the soil with which the plant's roots needs to breath and allow nutrients to move into the roots. Plants in pots need grittier soil to allow water to move out through the drain hole in the bottom thus allowing air to move in over time. If the soil doesn't dry out quickly, think about re-potting in better (more grittier/better draining) soil. When the plant's roots are rotting from too much water, it looks like the plant needs water. Plants are killed more from over-watering than not enough water. You tell by the feel/chopstick method. JMHO Aloha

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Sorry, I forgot to tell you that the pot is already dry because the pot is quite small and that over watering was on a Sunday night in S'pore which in US is Sunday afternoon. The soil always dries quickly especially in S'pore's warm weather>.The leaves are not soft like on Monday anymore, it's more crisp. By the way, will adding fertilisers during the over-watering period cause the plant wilting (Oops, I forgot to tell you again)? Is it possible that the plant dried up while I was trying to give less water?

Thanks for your help^^ I appreciate it a lot;) Sorry if I sound naggy or anxious.

Note: In the pic attached, the plant is damp as I watered it just before I took the pic...

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How do sound naggy or anxious in a written post? maybe try some of those emote stickers that are animated. I couldn't tell, but know I know. I was just trying to give a way to check you soil moisture with more reliability that just looking at the surface of the soil. See what is happening about an 1" or 1 1/2" down by probing. It may look dry on the surface which evaporates quickly than down a little lower. The object once a routine is set up for water and fertilizer is to be consistent with the moisture and regular with the fertilizer. For small container plants it easy to over do everything. You didn't mention if your soil is fast draining. Warm weather is not a measure of how dry the soil is. The soils properties are. Think what is happening with the roots. What you see what is going wrong with the plants upper structure is an indication of stress to the roots. So check the soil for irregularities. Only fertilize half strength with a potted plant and not too often. Flush the pot well every couple of months to remove salt build up from fertilizing. JMHO Aloha

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Soil is dry even at 1 inch deep>.I watered it this morning and it didn't help. Is it possible that leaves are crispy dried brown but due to over watered since I heard rotting roots cannot absorb water??? Thanks for your help^^

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I am not sure I understand what you are describing. Even after you water, the soil in the pot remains dry below the surface. The water runs down the inside edge of the pot and out the drain hole. If that is the case that the water runs off and you still experience dry soil below the surface. Your soil is too compacted or root bound and probably not the right soil make up for potted plants. Use the chopstick or other pointed utensil to stab the soil and break it up. Then try watering again and see if the water moistens the soil lower in the pot. After the plants recovers, the re-pot it into a bigger pot with better draining(more grit) soil. Aloha

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