Craftsman Snowblower Track

organic_montyDecember 8, 2009

As luck would have it, my snowblower track is broken and I need a replacement. Talked to Sears and it appears that this part is no longer manufactured. Fantastic..... Does anyone know where I can buy generic tracks for this machine? Model of snowblower is: Craftsman #536-885010 and the track model #302070

ANY help would be appreciated. I've only used this machine a handful of times and can't believe the part is no longer available.



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It looks like the part # is now 5949MA. It shows as a 5 1/2"rubber track, though I would verify w/ the vendor first. (The B&S 302070 comes up w/o the MA suffix.) Magneto Power does not have them in their system, but maybe Google will be your friend. My suggestion if you find an internet outlet that has it- to call and verify as many of them would just drop ship from the Mag or elsewhere.

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Thanks Tom, I've been searching Google all morning and can't seem to find the 5949MA part, it appears to be as elusive as the original. I search B&S also and the 5949 part doesn't appear. Should it?

Anyone have any parts companies that might have it? I'm at a loss.

I appreciate the help everyone, I really don't want to buy a whole new machine!!!

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Ebay item 270494802742 ended 2 days ago by a seller with a good rating for a pair of used for 75. Didn't look like they sold. You could contact him, agree on a price and have him re-list them.
Mowpart shows them, but you want to call to be sure as they may drop ship from Mag Power which shows 0 in stock.
As far as the #s go, many of the old parts from Murray built machines became available from Briggs and Stratton. So they would put "MA" as a suffix on the old Murray #. Somehow with the original #, it comes up only w/o a suffix in B&S and not in Murray. Dropping it in Mag Power's system was the only way I came up with the parts #- which in it's description is "track, rubber 5 1/2" LH" It looks correct, but I would verify w/ the seller.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mowpart

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Thanks! Ya, those on ebay sold :( But I'll check with Mowpart and see where I get with that. Thanks!!

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canguy(British Columbia)

5949MA is no longer available from Briggs and Stratton. I checked with Oregon but they don't offer a replacement, looks like Mowpart may be your best shot.

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hey there I also need tracks for my machine so if you find anywhere plese e-mail me thanks

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I think by law "they" are only required to have parts for three years? What's the problem, if you get something to last for three years, then you just buy another one?

My personal favorite was a mini tiller which I bought at Sears on a clearance. Purchased in the fall, and needed starter dogs the following fall. Contacted Sears, "so sorry, no longer available." I explained that I'd only had it a year, and was told that the "clock" for parts starts when they decide to discontinue the item. So, new things you see on the showroom floor may have already been discontinued, but they're "selling through" existing inventory.

Evidently folks like those who read this forum, who care for and repair things are a blight on the economic landscape.

"blighted" in Ohio,


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