Temporary plug for Toro sprinkler head?

dwpc(8a - N Arizona)October 27, 2010

I'll be filling in our new landscape gradually over several months and would like to be able to plug a number of sprinkler heads temporarily until they're needed so I can run the system for the planted areas. I haven't found any plugs made to fit the Toro 570 heads. Any suggestions short of taking the heads out and installing plugs on the pipe?

I saw one post in another forum that said to put a brick or two on each head so the riser couldn't pop up. Does that actually block flow?

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No. Try this. Take the nozzle off and epoxy glue the inside of the nozzle without touching the threads. After epoxy has dried, replace the nozzle. Let me know if this worked. Aloha

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dwpc(8a - N Arizona)

lehua 13:
I want to be able to put the plugged sprinkler heads back in use as my planting progresses. Your idea may work but is pretty final.

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Final but inexpensive to replace unless you are talking about the big rotor sprinklers. Aloha

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I've been able to cap my system by removing the head and putting on a cap bought at HD.

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