Asian Oaks source

10jdjeanApril 3, 2014

Hey does anyone know of a source for Quercus
mongolica or Quercus aliena ?

They seem to be incredibly hard to find in this country. I know of a few arboretum specimens in Minnesota and Illinois, but they didn't want to send me any acorns lol!

I continue my quest apparently Sheffield seed co is all sold out till next year with Quercus aliena. Oikos hasn't offered them for several years. There is just a total drought on cool Asian oaks here lol.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

For some reason, the last nursery to really champion rare overseas oaks was Arborvillage, and they are long gone. Oikos used to be much more into them. When it comes to seedlings, it seems there are rare plant nurseries that fit into one or more of these categories:
1) have their own network of suppliers - for example Forestfarm offered Ehretia dicksonii because they knew of a tree in the PNW that they could access to get seed. Then it was cut down.
2) will sell whatever Sheffield, Schumacher & company is offering (the main US commercial seed suppliers).
3) go the extra distance to get the next tranche of harder to obtain material...from overseas.

Arborvillage seemed to be in category 3 with oaks: I'm pretty sure in the early 2000s they brought a bunch of oak seeds into the US with Woodlanders, because there was some cross-offering but it could just be a coincidence. That's when I got my Quercus libani and Q. X turneri which had probably never been offered in the nursery trade before. Alas...I killed the Q. libani. I'd call Woodlanders or Camforest if I were you, to ask for leads, but not Camforest until early summer because they are busy now. (if you want special horticultural accommodation, you need to prepare to be patient. I worked out a "deal" with Camforest several months before driving down there to carry it out) The guy who runs Woodlanders has been very friendly to me on the phone, but from various reviews at that other site (TM) - make sure you don't act like an uppity yankee when you call!

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

What constitutes acting like an "uppity Yankee"?

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

LOL. I'm not sure! I don't even know why I said that, except that there were a couple funny reviews saying that irate customers were referred to as such when a phone call went south. (no pun intended) Or something like that. I don't know why though. My satisfaction rating with Woodlanders, over 2 decades of ordering (gosh, how embarassing to date myself) is 100%. Never had a single problem with anything - other than something being sold out - and their offerings are still reasonably priced for their rarity. And whenever I've called with a question, they've been very nice. But one should remember rare nursery ownin' is a tough business. Ask first if they have time for some questions. Don't just assume they can put everything off for 10 minutes to speak to you.
I think some customers just have unrealistic expectations and different owners are going to deal with it in different ways.

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If not oikos, could ask reeseville to see if they have any.

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