Peerless 832B transaxle repair

8990TRACJune 29, 2013


I'm going to open up my 832B transaxle (out of a Westwood T1800) and see why the input shaft is so loose - I also need to remove the top casing and get it welded, as part of it has broken off around one of the output (wheel) shafts.

There's a bolt in a deep recess in the middle of the casing, though, that none of my sockets are thin enough to reach - is there a Peerless "special" tool or will any thin-wall socket do the job?

If I can't fix the top casing, does anybody know where I can but a new top casing in the UK? There are a few spares places, but they all seem to sell just the innards or the whole transaxle...



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Stumped everybody, huh?

Well, it turned out a 1/4" drive deep 11mm socket could squeeze in and reach it and, amazingly, it came apart without stripping the head, shearing or cracking the casing...

A new top casing is ã147.00 (and a single needle bearing I also need is ã35+vat!), which means I'm buying a new transaxle rather than fixing this one, as that's about half the price of a complete new transaxle...

My grass had better appreciate this mower once I've fixed it :(


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