removing barb fitting from tubing

randy41_1November 1, 2011

i have some 1/2" PE tubing and a couple of barbs that connect it to 1/4" tubing broke. is there a way to easily remove and replace them without them breaking off inside the 1/2" tubing?

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Well, the obvious question is: are the barbs broken off and are inside the tubing or is there a stub sticking out? Have the holes for the barbs been enlarged by the breaking off? How is the end of the line closed off? Do you need to replace any section of the Poly line? Aloha

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there is a stub sticking out. the end of the line is closed off with the figure 8 fittings.

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there is a ring around the barb that keeps it from going all the way through. what I have found to work is take a pair of snips and cut the barb between the ring and the tubing then put in a new barb. if you feel it's needed you can take the closure off the end of the tubing and flush the broken bit out.

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i'll try your method mike. sounds like a good one. they broke from me stepping on them.

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Can you heat the tubing up?

I know that with the drip irrigation tubing, it helps to have a thermos of hot water.

I know it's not quite the same, but I recently replaced my heater hoses on my truck's radiator. There was a barbed fitting in there that broke. I found it to be easy to remove the barbed fitting after crushing it.

Another alternative might be to use some sort of penetrating lubricant.

If they do break, you can probably flush them out.

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i just broke a 1/4 barb off when installing it. It broke off at the little flanges or whatever they are. I would like to know if it is OK to just pull it out or do I need to plug it or try to cut the fitting to get it out? I think I can get a hold of it with needle nose pliers, but don't know if it will make the hole too large and cause a leak? Suggestions anyone.

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