Stihl 010AV

caseyjDecember 8, 2010

I am rebuilding this saw and having trouble getting a spark at the plug. So far, I have replaced the coil and the breaker point all look good. Also the settings for the points and coil are correct. The only thing I can't check is the condenser. Can this prevent a spark? I hate to keep throwing parts at it but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes, it works inconjunction with the breaker points. Only thing left IMO would be the spark plug wire maybe bad or burnt at the plug end. A bad condenser will give no spark or a weak spark IMO. Needs to be replace when ever the points are replaced.

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Sorry did not see your post case , yes as rc has explained the condensor does work in conjunction with the points for proper spark quality . Always ensure new unit along with points . Keep the other for a spare for testing purposes .

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Just install the trigger unit and do away with the points/condenser.


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Thanks folks, I have a new condenser and points to install and will let you know.

Fisher - This was offeresd to me but the guy wasn't sure if it would fit in my saw? I'm not famiiar with it.

I DON"T KNOW the point settings so I am going to start with .20 degrees. Your thoughts? I have been googlging for some time but can't locate this info.

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Yes, the trigger unit bolts on with one of the coil
mounting bolts and is wired directly to the coil.

The point gap should be @ .016


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Thank you again Fisher. I'll keep you posted.

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Well, hooray for me, the saw has a good spark. Evidently, the problem was the condenser. I should have worked backwards vs. going from the coil to the plug would have saved a few $$. Now, onto rebuilding the carb. Thanks again for all those who contributed.

My only interest in rebuilding this old saw was that I never had time to use it until my retirement. Last year, I rebuilt a Stihl 048 which is great for cording wood, but not the lightest saw I have used. I hate to see old motors sit. My next project is a 5 hp Johnson outboard that used to belong to my Dad. It's about 60 years old.

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strelnikov(NE IL)

I have an old Echo 280E that belonged to my dad for many years. It was his only saw, he used it to cut firewood to heat his house. I inherited it when he passed away 4 years ago. It's died several times and my wife told me to junk it the last time it died but I keep it running in his memory even though I've spent more keeping it going than it's worth. I'll always remember him cutting wood with this old saw.

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Strelnikov -

I know the feeling. Once they are gone all you have is the memories. But that's good. I have some high tech motors on my boat now, but my thoughts always go back to that Johnson 5hp when Dad and I cruised the rivers.

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strel: Keep that Old Echo running , very decent saw . I also began the chainsaw adventure through assisting my father back in the late 50's through the early 60's . I still have the two Pioneers that we used a 11-60 (58 cc) with 21 inch roller tip with 404 chain and the limbing saw a P-20 (50 cc) with a 16" solid nose bar and 404 Pitch Chain . Both great Old Timers that Still occasionally run. I had to tear down the P-20 last yr and finally replace coil which began to break down , changed out the points and condenser which were still within spec but since the flywheel was off I did not hesitate on replacing them. As for the 11-60 I have only changed out the Diaphragm and Felt Fuel filter screen and Purge Primer along with new Fuel line since they original components finally succumbed to old age lol . I have ran through a Solo and few Huskys since then , but still keep the Old Girls running for the Sake of my Dad's Memory . The New Stihl MS-260 Pro and MS-361 and Husky 346 XP and Rancher 460 that my Son & I now currently use for Wood Cutting Purposes are much more efficient and safer , but some how don't provide the nostalgic flavour of the Older Vintage units . I still recall my father's Old Pioneer 600 , what a beast , sure wish I had kept that Ole Girly for at least display in the Garage . Oh well cannot keep them all I guess . Enjoy Your Echo Bro !

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Anyone know where to get a trigger unit? the dealer here don't seem to know anything about it.

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Check out Ebay or the Site , Scott has numerous parts availibility .

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