loger_gwDecember 30, 2012

I had planned to fire my small Dearborn gas wall heater (once an electric space heater) in my garage and keep repairing experimenting this winter. Unless there is an emergency, I feel I need to pass with today's fuel and energy crises vs in the 70s/80s.

I would feel OK if I could transport and use safely coals from my fireplace in the garage. Without a direct heater to exhaust the coals it's not safe in a closed garage. I have also limited my work inside "since my wife retired 06" vs building or troubleshooting combustion engines, "Just In Time". "I'm Done", for a while with Combustion Engines vs "Not Fun Troublrshooting Computers", LOL!

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We are having some extended cold days in North Tx or I'm getting to cold to remember. I'll have to come out tomorrow for sanity. Run the gas heater to burn the initial chill off as work will take over then. Or! Work inside since I will be servicing an Aggressive Electric Chainsaw experiment.

Two objectives: 1. I had a good test yesterday cutting green wood with the 12" McCullough saw and did not use a drop of bar oil from the tank. I feel it has to be a cleaning matter vs the saw using a pump. I'll consider adding a vented primer bulb to the oil tank cap to manually pump oil. 2. I need to rem one link at least, two if possible to allow adding chain tension vs about 1/8" of travel left. Both chains have the same number of links (vs brands). The new chain needs more future tensioning space as the sprockets and chains appears matching??

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