Rookie Leaf Blower Operator

mxyplxDecember 19, 2009

Bought one this fall. I found that it works best if the nozzle is close to and parallel to the ground. I conclude that the happy successful leaf blower operator shold be built like an ape. Short legs and long arms.

The box said 240 mph blower. I fired it up to full speed and GINGERLY stuck the tip of one finger into the blast. Somehow it felt just a tad under 240 mph. Like maybe 200 mph less? I spect the advertised 240 mph velocity is off the tip of the impellor.

I observed that it would be best to cut the grass real short before blowing the leaves. Not quite sure just how to do that. Maybe mount the blower on the mower such that it would blow leaves out of the cutting path. After that round em up the regular way.

Bunching the leaves into a convenient 12 foot diameter pile 3 inch deep was no trick at all.

I did not throw away the hand rake.

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I presume the blowers are for blowing off sidewalks and drive ways. piling them IMO would be an art. usually if you want to remove the leafs you would have and attachment to suck them up with the leaf blower, manually raking them, LT with bagger, or a pull behind leaf catcher.

Most of the time they are uses for blowing grass off your sidewalks, driveways, leafs from a fence line, debri or dirt from the garage floor, and leafs out of a flower bed.

picking them up and disgarding them usually is more involved I have found as you have witness?

usually they are overrated when it comes to wind pushing power, unless you get commerical high HP model IMO

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What manufacturer/model is claiming this 240 mph? That's the highest I've ever heard of. Do they give a cubic feet/minute (CFM) rating?

You may try blowing most of the leaves into a pile first then mulching the stragglers with the mower. Finally a quick dust off of the drive and walks.

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One day, whilst going around the garbage pick-up route, i found an almost brand new electric leaf blower sitting on top of a garbage can. So, being inquisitive, i loaded it into my truck and took it home! Now, the thing looked like new, so, i plugged it in and tried it. Sure enough, it wouldn't pick up anything.
So, i looked into the pickup chute--and there was the bag, all rolled up, presumably at the factory, and preventing any movement of air, grass, or leaves! HMMM!
Well, it works good now-the correct way!

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You luck our Rustyj14!!!!

I think some of the electric blower ( crapsman etc.) rated high mph.......and not specify with or without tube. So is cfm!!!

Whole point is to fool home owner that the spec are sooooooo good. I really think those crapsman are very dis-honest. They hide behind Sears and the crapsman's name and over price their stuff. I think sooner or later, they are going to bring the whole Sears/Craftsman/Kenmore name down.

I swear I bought a Kenmore fridge and dish washer 20 years ago, they were great. So were the very old washer and dryer that my wife had before we met. I renovated my house 4 years ago and bought all Kenmore fridge, stove and dish washer. They are no good, all broke down at least once already.

Is one thing you make cheap stuff, but hiding behind the good name and charge more is bad. Look at the crapsman blowers, they are spec very high.......must be without tube!!!! Their trimmer and mowers are mostly MTD junk that you can get under Ryobi for less.

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Well, the man at the store said it was good.

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If I sell anything, I would said it is good too!!!! That's what this forum is for.

You never mention what blower you have. With that we can tell you a lot more about it. 240mph is not real, NO blowers even push blower do 240mph at the tube....period. Only Craftsman ever avertized something like this so I guessed is a craftsman.

It is the CFM at the tube that really counts. A lot of electric blowers manage to get good mph but is the cfm that they suck. I bet your blower don't do very well blowing leaves on lawn. YOu need a big blower for that. YOu'll be better serve using the mower to mow the lawn and pick up te leaves at the same time. You don't exactly talk about doing the job unless you have a 50cc+ back pack blower. I have a 34cc Sindaiwa hand held blower that is bigger than any of the craftsman blowers and it won't work very well on lawn. I have to get a 64cc bp, then you are talking. Until you get a big blower, don't throw away your rake!!!!

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stinkytiger(z5 - z6)


I have a backpack Redmax (Komatsu) EBZ8001 blower. It was one of the last ones with a two stroke before the more California compliant 4 stroke engines come into play. At the time it was the most powerful one on the market.

There are alot of smoke and mirrors in this area, MPH being one of them. Almost any blower can make 240 mph and this is done my narrowing the nozzle. Same volume of air through a narrow gap means more MPH. Hence the sales pitch is correct in this sense. This does not help you blow leaves however.

CFM Cubic Feet per minute is a better measure. Again you need to make sure you compare apples to apples. Some measure at the blower exit, some measure at the end of the blower pipe (a lower reading and more conservative).

You did not say which blower you have, but some commercial ones are: Redmax (Komatsu), Shindawa, Sthil and Echo (non-home depot, non-lowes).

Best, Mike.

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You pretty much has to custom fit a narrow nozzle to get 240mph, it is doable, but the cfm would decrease to the point it is not useful. Also you need the tube to blow leaves!!!! CFM and mph in the housing mean nothing.

RM8001 is still the strongest blower together with the Shindy big 79cc two. Now you are talking about blowing leaves on lawn.

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It's a Toro Electric Model 51599 235mph 390cfm or so they say. I don't really care. Sun don't rise and set on it; or any of em for that matter.

Seriously this time:

I'm satisfied with it. It doesn't do a perfect job but then it doesn't have to. I tried a neighbors outfit first so knew about what to expect. I have cords and such since I have electric chainsaw and weed eater so it wasn't much if any adjustment. I absolutely do not want a gas driven or backpack type.

It shortened up the yard cleanup by at least half maybe more and eliminated a hell of a lot of that raking motion which gets to me anymore. I chose a vacuum type model to see how that would go and found it totally awkward with the shoulder bag etc. And it was too slow for my patience cycle. Plus it didn't really bust up the leaves all that good. Maybe next year I'll try vacuuming a pile w/o the bag and just aim toward (ie my back to) the garden.

In conclusion it did what I really wanted - saved a lot of drudge hand raking and therefore time. It was only about $70. That's in the noise level. It's easily stored - in the same pile as my chainsaw and weed eater.:) I may fix up a longer handle extension to get it closer to the ground - leg shortening surgery is too expensive.

I can get a cheap wheel chair at the Salvation Army Store. Maybe I could fix up a bracket and .....Naw to much monkeying around. :)

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If you are going to build something, try put 2 of the blowers on, now you are talking some cfm!!! Still cheaper than one gas hand held. Another way is to modify the cord so you hold one in each hand and with only dragging one power cord. There are a lot of talk on LS using two blowers. LCOs think it really work a lot faster.

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Great idea! With 2 blowers you could run one high speed one low speed and warp the flow. I'd need chains for the wheel chair with wet grass. Of course it would need to be jacked up to install em. Lots of potential here.

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You guys are crazy!

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Holding two blower one with each hand is not crazy at all. I started suggesting using bp and holding a hand held with the left hand on LS and quite a few LCO actually tried and like it. They even have a thread talked about it and mentioned my name!!!

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