coneflower vs daylilies

linda888June 22, 2014


I have an area in front of my house in full sun that is 4' by 15'. I want to plant Junior Walker Catmint around the edge, but I can't decide what to put in the middle.

My husband does not like yellow daylilies. So I was thinking either Sombrero Red Salsa Coneflower, or shasta daisies, or some kind of dark purple daylily, or a red daylily. I would like it to bloom early summer and into fall if possible.

What do you think?

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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

I really love shasta daisies. I think they'd look nice with the Junior Walker Catmint.

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babera(5a (Montana))

My experience with day lilies is they only bloom for a few weeks. I bought some re*blooming ones from cottage gardens on QVC, not impressed at all. This is the third year and still only about 3 flowers all total. . . sorry to snub your question. I agree, shastas would be a good companion with the Catmint. They bloom a long time and are very sturdy (don't flop).

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If you research daylilies via online sellers, there are those that bloom early, mid-season or late. I've not found any (other than Stella d'Oro) that bloom throughout the season. Echinacea/coneflowers generally bloom later in the growing season and the blooms are long-lasting.

Shasta daisy is stunning in bloom but its bloom period is typically mid-summer and not especially long (3-4 weeks). It may be extended with dead-heading but that hasn't been my experience.

My Walkers Low catmint generally blooms from early summer until fall and daily attracts pollinators. I have it growing beside Baptisia australis/false indigo which blooms late spring and retains its foliage elegance until it goes dormant in fall.

I have a part shade bed where I grow Spirea, Buddleia/butterfly bush, Solomon's seal, astilbe, primula/primrose, hosta, euphorbia, columbine, Montauk daisy, Maltese cross & cranesbill, among others.

I've been gardening 40+ years and have yet to find any perennials that bloom from early summer and into fall.

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oh ok. I wondered if there was such a thing. thanks for the info!

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I have some Siberian iris near catmint--short bloom time but the foliage looks nice all year, IMO. Also have some hardy geraniums near it-brookside blooms pretty long time but it can get floppy. And some peonies, which also have short bloom period but nice foliage the rest of the year.

How about shrub roses? The roses forum here could give you all kinds of great advice. I just planted two Eutin roses and two buck Roses-- prairie harvest and Iobelle. I am hoping they bloom off and on throughout the season.

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mjc_molie(z6 CT)

I second the idea of roses... they look great with catmint, love the sun, and should bloom all season if you pick the right one(s). I have several kinds of roses and also the common Kockouts, which bloom continuously until fall and need no spraying. The rose forum would be a great place to go for advice or suggestions. Also, check out local garden centers so you could actually see roses in bloom now that grow in your area.

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Awesome! Thanks!!

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