Peace rose bush

mori1(5b/6a)May 22, 2014

Was at Lowe's to check out the roses since I seem to have some space. A pretty bright yellow rose caught my eye. I checked the tag and it said Peace. Now I have Chicago and Pink Peace but this doesn't look like a type of Peace at all.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

As it warms up out in the garden, you will begin to see pale creamy yellow lightly highlighted by the softest pastel pink flush on a very large bloom. One of the most beautiful rose blooms ever.

(Assuming they labeled the rose correctly--but don't worry. I seem to remember that they always started the season--during cooler weather--as just pure light yellow. Haven't grown Peace in some time now, but used to grow it in several different gardens.)

But it will have to be sprayed for BS--you are warned. : )


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In hot weather, my Peace blooms pastel yellow with pale pink edging...sometimes almost cream rather than yellow. But, the blooms on my Peace bush are often bright yellow in cooler weather. Even then, they normally do have a least a bit of the pastel pink edging.

Cool weather bloom variations:

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Yup, just what I thought the roses were labeled Peace but they aren't. These were bright yellow, no hint of pink on any of them.

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

My local nursery (not Lowes) also have this bright yellow to faded yellow roses that were marked Peace.

But yes, Lowes are victorious at mislabeling. Take it from someone who bougth 4 mislabeled plant from them.

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