Stihl Kombi System Attachments?

tomtigersiiiDecember 23, 2009

Well I am trying to find out some information about the Kombi attachments. I was interested in getting the blower attachment and the pole trimmer. I was trying to see if anyone had either or both and could share how they like or dislike it. Thanks fellow gardners.

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canguy(British Columbia)

They work well. The pole pruner is not telescoping although a fixed extension can be added. The blower is a brute with the KM130 power head but a little underwhelming with the KM55.

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Thanks for the info. I did get the blower and have the KM55. I really thought it had quite a bit of power. No less than any other blower I had. I was going to get the pole trimmer I am just afraid at the 200 price I would not use it enough to justify spending that much. Thanks for the info.

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I have the KM110 system with a Hedge trimmer, and poll trimmer. While I can't speak for the KM55, my two attachments work great. If I remember correctly, the dealer recommended the KM110 for using the Poll saw, which he said might need the power. The only reason I did not get the KM130 was the additional weight. I use my machine to maintain a Hemlock hedge that is 220 feet long, 12 feet high, and an average width of 8 feet. I also use the extension, which will give me enough reach for my hedges. My KM110 has plenty of power for my attachments. The only negative comment I can make is that with the hedge trimmer and the shaft extension attached, it becomes quite heavy.

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Thanks for the thoughts cranheim. I am still thinking about getting the pole trimmer even though I have the KM55. Wish me luck. Haha Hey do you guys have any good shoulder straps to recommend?

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I have had a Kombi for a couple years now. The string trimmer was what attracted me to it originally. That works great. I also have had the hedge trimmer head for a while and swear by it. This property is too big and the distances too great to be dragging a power cord around. The articulating power head is really handy.
I bought the pole pruner yesterday which is basically a pole mounted chain saw. There were two extensions available, either the standard steel at $69 or the carbide steel at $120. It took all of one second to decide which one for me. The carbide weigh so much less it is worth the difference. Remember, this thing is a big long pole with a chain saw at the end and you are supposed to control that while running! Pay for the lighter extension. You'll appreciate it.
Very satisfied with this, as I am with all the various Stihl products around here. Great stuff.

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