drip irrigation with a down stream valve

pull-doNovember 25, 2012

Had a irrigaiton meter put in at the house,, 3/4" line, brought it in to property, elevated to 2' and left it with a cut off valve, I was going to install a drip irrigation to the raised planter boxes, (vegetables),citrus trees, and then a stand of containers along with a protected area for tomatoes and whatever,,, the problem I have is I have to put a anti-siphon valve first off the main line, no problem I'll do it, but from there I planned on breaking the header off into 4 different runs and installing a block valve out at the end of the one run towards the end of the property for future "hose dragging",,, all my research says there is "no" anti-siphon valve recommended with a block valve downstream.

I was hoping somebody could recommend a anti-siphon that would work with a downstream valve that I could get by the city codes. City is no help, they're clueless, just has to pass inspection,,,, duh!

thanks for reading such a long winded post,


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Are you interested in protecting everyone's(including your own)water supply from bacterial contamination or find a way to circumvent the bureaucratic no-sense municipal water regulations? Aloha

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My whole yard is on drip. I have 14 systems the only anti-siphon valve I use is on the four way manifold. I got all my parts at lowe's and home depot.

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It is important that the backflow preventer be higher than any outlet to prevent siphoning. All irrigation systems have zone control valves downstream of the backflow preventer so I cannot see how installing a hand block valve would be a problem.

If you are running a hose uphill from the valve you would need the backflow preventer to be higher than the highest point you want to irrigate.

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