Sprinkler zone randomly shuts

fwycruiserNovember 8, 2012

I have two zones and the first zone almost always randomly shuts down. When that happens I have to restart the process. I have to keep doing this until the first zone runs through so the second zone can run. The second zone has no such problem and always completes.

I did a little research and concluded it could be solenoids or wires however I cant identify what kind they are.

I also tried turning the sprinklers on manually by turning the valve and playing around with solenoid but that didnt work lol.

Please help so I dont have this annoying problem anymore Thanks

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probably a diaphragm problem. The pressure equalizes across the valve then shuts down. Replacing the diaphragm is not as easy as you may think or read unless you do it for a living. Replace the valve is Just My Humble Opinion (JMHO). Aloha

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