Adding hose spigot to main line

sandiegodudeNovember 2, 2013

So I want to tee into the main line of my irrigation to add a hose spigot. I have attached some photos...where is the best place to tap into this line? This is in an area of the yard where I'm honestly not picky. It could be in the area I dug up or even to the left of the control box you can see in the picture.

I think it makes little difference if it's before or after the shut-off valve (which is in the green box) since I've never shut this valve off and this hose won't be used constantly, so it's just a matter of finding someplace easy to tap into this.

I am somewhat handy, but inexperienced with irrigation issues like this. Any suggestions?

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sandiegodude, I would install the hose spigot ahead of the shut off valve in the control box; the reason being that you will be able to use the spigot even when you have to shut down the irrigation system.

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I second RAL's comment and add this. When building your spigot system reinforce the bend with concrete or blocks at the 90 degree bends. Place the concrete to counteract the force that is created when moving water changes direction at the 90 degree bends. That means place the mass on the outside of the bend. JMHO Aloha

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Yeeeesss! Water hammer must have been in the back of "Murphy's" mind.

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