Winter Storage of Husqvarna 150BT Blower

edge(6a)December 11, 2011

For those of you own or repair Husky 150BT blowers, can the Walbro carb on this blower be completely emptied by draining the fuel tank and pushing the primer until air in drawn through the fuel lines or do I need I run the engine out of fuel?

Any problems using Stabil fogging oil in the cylinder and intake? I usually only use fogging oil in the 4 strokes and 2 stroke oil in the cylinder in 2 strokes. Stabil states it's OK for 2 strokes.

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This pretains to any gas engine IMO and will work with your model also.

I would of treated the gas in the engine and ran it before I drained it. Fogging IMO won'hurt a thing. Normally don't need it. Fogging is good for old engine that has lot of carbon build up. This keep carbon wet (oily) so it won't set up and lock the engine up. usually this takes more than one winter storage or if moisture is present during period of time to alow the carbon to turn to concrete and lock the rings or piston/valve stem up to the block or guide.

Any of the three methods should get you by the short winter storage. #1 Do nothing but treat the gas and run the engine to alow the additive to get run through the carb. #2 Treat, run and drain the gas. Or #3 treat gas, run the engine, fog it out with fogging oil.

And the fourth Not recommeded by me is #4 do nothing but put it on the self. If you do this I would at least ever two months drain and run the engine with fresh gas for 5 mins or so.

Now the big question how do I bring it out of storage? IMO I would do this requardless which method I used to store it. First drain any old gas and flush the gas tank. Check, clean or replace the in tank fuel filter. Remove the spark plug, clean, check gap, and check for spark.

With spark plug out using carb. cleaner spray 3 to 5 second blast of carbon cleaner down the spark plug hole, with ingition off pull the rope several times to clean the cylinder of any oily residue (this also primes the combustion chamber washed out the comb chamber, crank case sump and muffler if you do it couple of time.)

Now fill the gas tank, add fuel additive to loosen up any gum that may have started to set up. spray 1 to 2 second blast down the spark plug hole, install the spark plug and fire it up. May take two, three, or more priming down the carb. venturi with carb. cleaner to get it to take off after all the air is sucked out of the fuel system. IMO doing this is the easiest and proper way to bring any gas engine back to life after it's been in storage (long or short). Course if the engine 4 stroke you would want to change the oil and filter, check, clean or change the air filter and any inline gas filters. I don't change spark plugs unless I find them faulty. IMO changing sparks plugs for no reason is waste of money. If they are misfiring (cracked)or no fire then yes. but it they fire there good IMO.

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Ok, I have 3 2 strokes. The Lawnboy mower has a shut off. I use it and run the carb dry after every use. The Husqua and the Stihl dont have shut offs. They just get put on the shelf without doing anything. The only thing I do for the mix is to mix a rich 32:1 . I also add a cap of MMO to each fillup. I use to use Stabil, but ,my regimen works fine without it. So far no fuel or carb troubles. I use MMO in my 4 strokes and use the shut offs too.

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