Evergreen suggestion wanted

grinder12000(4 now 5 I guess)April 17, 2012

My wife really wants an evergreen. We don't have any GREAT place to put one but if I could find a "dwarf"? Something that will not take up a wide birth - any suggestions?

Iowa Juniper??? Mountbattien Juniper?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

they post all kinds of pix over in the conifer forum ...

it would help to know your size demands.. color.. soil.. approx. location.. etc ...


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I'll play. Without further specifics such as Ken asked for, some wild suggestions that may or may not be appropriate, but you can at least look at and comment on.

I believe I had a pair of these in a front flower bed - Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Verdoni' (Dwarf Golden Hinoki False Cypress). The golden blaze-on-green was nice, and the shape/form had a rather artistic looking flare, somewhat open. Foliage was pleasant to touch, unlike many conifers. My 2 were expected to grow slow & get 3 - 4 feet tall over time, and weren't wide but weren't so narrow as to look ugly, either.

Another somewhat small option would be one of those 'bush' Colorado Blue Spruces, Picea Pungens 'glauca globosa,' grafted so it's lifted 2 or 3 feet off the ground.


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