Cutting issue, Ariens ZTR with 34" deck

baymee(LehighValleyPA)June 8, 2013

At first, at the slowest speed, it wouldn't cut all the grass in its path. Blades and belt are new, leaving the electric clutch suspect. Bought a new clutch and it cuts good in the blade area, but leaves a blade or two uncut in the center.

This is an untimed, 2 blade deck. There is alot of grass buildup under the deck.

Am I right to think that the way grass gets cut on a two blade deck is that the air pattern pushes/pulls the grass into the blade in the center gap between the two blades?

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four things affect most deck cutting performance beyond sharp blades... OEM blades, deck leveling, ground speed and grass height.
Aftermarket blades are not sometimes the exact length needed to avoid leaving an uncut area/line in the middle. Deck leveling sets the correct "pitch" for optimum blade performance (see your manual). When the grass is thick, wet and heavy - as it is now - slow down. give the deck a chance to stay clean underneath. When cutting grass, take 1/3 the grass height per cut ( grass 3" high, cut 1" off) if you let your lawn turn into a jungle and then expect your machine to immediately turn it back into a golf course, plan on spend some serious bucks for the pro machines. Good luck.

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