Water Bubble under grass

shawni1221December 16, 2009

The other day, I discovered a pocket of water had developed under the grass in my front yard. I googled it and found this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA7iZPymiQM ) which is exactly what I found. My question is, how did this happen? Do I have a drainage problem? I'm concerned about a possible water leak in either my water service pipe or my french drain. The water pocket developed directly above a french drain pipe... Coincidence?? I don't think the french drain is clogged because I can see it pumping out water at the curb. Any advice or thoughts?

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I just realized this post may be in the wrong forum.... but I'm not sure where else to post it???

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What you have, and what's on the video, is the result of shallow sod roots, poor drainage and too much water trying to exit the drains. The water collects under the sod somewhere and just pushes it up.

No fix I can think of, but you do want to check the drain to make sure it's not partly clogged.

It will go away when the excess water drains away.

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Thanks for your response, Lazygardens. My husband popped a whole in it and it did drain. We had a heavy rain (several inches) a few days ago so hopefully this is an isolated incident. However, my husband thinks he needs to dig up the whole yard, lay stone, possibly replace the drain (in case its cracked or broken), etc, etc. I think he's over-reacting. Its certainly far enough away from the house that I would think its not a problem... Hopefully husband will forget about it and leave it alone :) Thanks again.

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