Winterizing Sprinkler System

CovyDecember 28, 2013

I'll start by saying it is my second year with a sprinkler system.. and I forgot to winterize (irrigation company did it the first year). :(

I hope there is still something to be done. The temperatures have gotten as low as 5F (Wisconsin). Today it is in the 30's, next week back in the teens.

The Sprinkler System:

RainBird Equipment
1" Poly Flexible Piping
Basement Shutoff Valve
Blowout Valve outside about 2 feet up wall

I know from watching the installation that the poly is about 18" deep and starts at the valve box which is about 10" deep.

We currently have about 6-8" of snow on the ground.

I hope there is more to do than just pray :( Please help if you can, ANY information would be useful at this point.

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If your laterals and heads are lower in elevation than your anti-siphon valve and each sprinkler is lower than the next, you probably are okay. If you have a shut main to your sprinkler system, turn it off. If you haven't seen splitting of the above ground mainlines, you are probably okay. Thaw in the spring will tell. Pray more than once. JMHO. Aloha

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