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eyesofthewolf(8b)May 9, 2010

I need to vent to someone, I just bought a label "Organic compost" and when I opened the bag it smelled just like diesel fuel, of course I didn`t use it but I thought what if I would have had a cold or didn`t catch a whiff, I would have killed all my newly planted peppers and tomatoes, I so wish I could produce enough of my own homemade stuff so that I wouldn`t have to trust some company and who knows what goes into it. Oh well buyer beware. I wonder am I the only one who smells the compost? Or is that just a compost wacko thing? :o)Deanna

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Hi Deanna

I bought a bag of "compost" from a local store when I first started composting to compare it to what I was making. It smelled like the bio-solids the city spreads on the farmland. I e-mailed the company whose name was on the bag, they said they buy the stuff on various contracts across the country and had no idea what went into it.

Never bought another one.


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I can't speak for anyone else, but I smell my compost with every milk crate I sift. I finally realized just the other day why I find it so familiar and pleasant. My compost smells just like an old bait shop my Dad always frequented. It puzzled me at first why compost reminded me of a bait shop, until I remembered this bait shop owner grew his own worms and would let us kids dig around in the worm bins. If my compost smells like a worm ranch, I must be doing something right.

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mustard_seeds(4 -Onalaska Wisconsin)

Deanna - I am glad you didn't put that stuff on your new plants. Sad how smelly store bought stuff might turn people off to the idea of using compost. What sort of limitations are keeping you from making enough of your own?

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Just the term "Organic Compost" should alert someone since that is kind of an oxymoron. I have often wondered what "Inorganic Compost" would be like.

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Thanks guys, being serious composters I knew you would feel my pain lol. Mustard seeds, last year I started my composting endevors and this year I made 6 new raised beds 5 4x8s and one 2x40 all 2 feet deep or more so the little that I had made from last year didn`t provide the amount that I needed, maybe one day my composting will equal to the amount of the beds, but not for new set ups. I am sure I will always be jealous of Llyods super sized compost! :o)Deanna

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