Skyrocket Juniper insect/spider problem

lexis.scofieldApril 27, 2011

So i had brought some skyrocket juniper from the nursery last week and today i finally have time to take a look at them and discover 2 of them have hundreds of white sac on the foliage. i don't know what kind of insect are they, they're brownish red in this stage. And couple of larger harder sac on the trunk and i suspect it is spider since i remove those bigger sac and then there's spider creeping around.

I would like to know how to treat these juniper from all these little creatures? Is there a good way to kill them now and repel them away?

i'm so frustrate to see the skyrocket are full of these insect.

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Might have bag worms - which can hit all conifers pretty hard. Bagworms should be large enough to pick off by hand. You have pictures of this?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why arent you simply returning them ..

who provides infected stock ... and wont stand up and replace them????

you might want to call your local county Ag or extension office and tell them about the business selling infected stock ...

welcome to GW ....


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

[I]'m so frustrate[d] to see the skyrocket[s] are full of these insect[s].

I'd be frustrated as well to expend energy to haul the plants back and get a refund. What a waste of time and energy and pollution into the airfill.


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I don't have a good picture of those little creature and i remove some of them thinking they will soon develop into something scary. I might made a mistake by removing them as i can't have enough proof of how bad it infected the plant to the nursery i brought.

It is a local nursery not the franchise one so i ain't sure if they gonna accept return.

I already suspect something on the juniper as i saw lots of "new insects" flying and creeping around but am too busy to notice that. Learn my mistake this time as i should check it throughly when i brought them.

i special order them from a nursery which it took me little bit more than an hour to go. Urgh.

It made me feel itchy even look at that right now.

Thank you for all the replies, Mercurius, Ken and Dan!!

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