Where would we be without Trudi__d?

seedbandito(7 NC)January 3, 2006

I can't imagine the hours Trudi puts into all the FAQ's!! I was just thinking we needed a data base on seeds and lo and behold... I found it!! I really thank you Trudi for your hard work and time involved in writing all the FAQ's pages. (doesn't leave much time for getting into trouble, does it?).

In your spare time, could you pretty please maybe add Clematis seeds into your data bank? I recently received some seeds in a trade, all they sent was the "fluff" with no seeds. I too have made this mistake, untill the plant matured enough to put off some "real" seed. Now I know the difference.

For 4 years, I was saving the "spikes" from Echinaceas. (I felt like such a boob!). I can't beleive no one told me!!

Anyhow, just wanted to tell you that I'm glad you're around, (I think we'll keep ya, 'wink*wink*'! (lol.)

Have a great day!


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putzer(z4 WI)

I think she needs to publish a book on this!

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We'd just be a bunch of "quackers" with no place to go.
Thanks Trudi

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