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cliff1234December 26, 2013

Hi Folks,
this is my first post, and I am hoping to learn a little in regards to an irrigation system. I want to start to rebuild the badly corroded steel pipes that are on my property. I have a small avocado orchard that that has a 1.5" main pipe coming from the water main, and between the rows of trees there are six 300' parallel lines of 1" steel pipe coming off of the main pipe, and each of the 1" pipe lines has small 1/2" steel risers with little brass sprinkler heads spaced about every 10'. My goal right now is to start replacing the 300' lines with PVC pipe and plastic risers.

My first question is for pipe size: I was thinking of using 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe for the 300' lines (six of them), with 1/2" plastic risers spaced about every 10' - 15'. So, it would be the 1.5" main line, feeding into six rows of 1" PVC with 1/2" risers.

Does this sound like an okay set-up?

I'm ready to go to the store to get the pipe, just want to make sure the sizes will work okay.

Thank you!

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If it operated successfully with the steel pipe, you should see a little better performance with the sch. 40 PVC as it has better water flow performance characteristics. The only thing you may want to upgrade would be changing the 1/2" risers to 3/4". Only because the pipe is more rigid. Good Luck

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