Automatic plant-watering system

nv1zDecember 30, 2011

I developed an automatic plant-watering system that almost anyone can build for next to nothing. I can�t say I "invented" it because it is similar to some things that are commercially available, but it was developed without any outside influence. I give them to my landscaping customers and to anyone who has indoor plants in an area accessible to the public � like useable business cards. Since these devices are made out of bottles that are recyclable to begin with, when they do ultimately break, they can still be recycled.

There are step-by-step directions how to build them on our website. Feel free to link to it and give the web address away. What I get out of it is traffic to my website and the warm, fuzzy feeling I am helping the environment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Automatic plant-watering system

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