HGTV Dreamhome give away in Colorado

christie_sw_mo(Z6)January 8, 2007

Does anyone else try to win the HGTV dream home every year?

This year it's a 4,000 sq. foot home in Winter Park, Colorado.

You can enter online once a day until mid February. It takes a few minutes to put in the info the first time and then you just have to enter your email address and click enter each day.

It's a BEAUTIFUL home! Just needs a few more flower beds. lol,,HGTV_28177_55076,00.html

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I've heard too many horror stories about the families that win the home, and then can't come up w/ the taxes. Guess the rules of the "game" state that they have to live it in for at least a year; can't sell it, rent it out, open a B&B or anything. One of the houses from either 2 or 3 years ago had absolutely ridiculously high property taxes (think it was the one on Lake Dallas??), and the family was in a real financial bind.

Could be urban legend, tho, too .....


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I think I remember reading that only one family had decided to KEEP the house and they are the ones in a financial bind. I think the rest have all sold right away. I don't think there's a rule that says you CAN'T sell. Not sure. Honestly, I wouldn't want to move anyway and I'm sure I would sell even if the taxes weren't high which I'm sure they are. A two or three week vacation in that thing would be wonderful though.

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the tax buden is just as if you earned 450,000 ( or what ever the total amount everything comes to) -

you have to come up the the property taxes immediately to take ownership. You may not be able to spend even one night in it if you can't. Then for federal and state income taxes - so most "winners" have to sell - they still make out better than you or I not winning but if I won it I want to live in it. I read somewhere that some winners have taken delivery of the cars in states that allow them to do so and some who have taken furniture out of the house but no one who is actually living in it 24 -7. There is a real estate agent who works to "sell" the house if you can't afford it.

There are beautiful - but not very practical for the everyday kind of family. But if they have one in the UP of Michigan - I want it and will live in it -

there is a link on HGTV website to find out what became of the the homes


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