Happy New Year to my Wsing friends! and an update

lblack61(z5 NY)January 2, 2007

Hope you are all doing well and had great times during the holidays.

I've had an absolutely crazy three months. It's been so crazy that I planned way ahead to sow rose seeds I collected from friend's house for the Solstice and totally missed the day!

I still have bags of seeds drying that need to be sorted and packed, but after baking, packing, giving away and mailing out 20 or so 3lb tins of cookies, I'm beat.

Today is my first day alone for quite awhile so I think I may treat myself to some Wsing (some Cyclamen, rose seeds, maybe a few other things).

I've been collecting alot of seeds this year from other people as well as from my own yard-- and I spotted some of that beautiful upright, mauve colored Sedum that has dried seed heads in the city near the National Guard post. Gonna do a drive by).

The weather is wacky (eeriely mild) in Upstate NY this year, after being such a rainy fall.

My "Cinderella" Stocks are still green

The raised bed for Summer 2007 veggies is built.

The Hydrangeas are covered (for the first time in 4 yrs, to see if we can get blooms this spring/summer).

So far, the Campanula Incurva, trailing Geranium, Datura Metel, Dichondra (silver and regular green) are overwintering well.

The only seeds I should HAVE to buy are regular flat leaved basil, bell peppers, and carrots. I bought so much last year I'm in a serious surplus. We'll see if that sticks. This year, I think it will.

I've missed being able to come here and read and post. Miss you all!

Linda in Oswego

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I thought so...Oswego. I used to live in Camillus. We used to sing "Oswego into the wild blue yonder!"

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Ha! Yep.
If you're from here you say, "Oss-SWAY-GO" lol.
Camillus...cool :-) I'm originally from Rochester. Insanity brought me here.
Well whenever the WSing gang has a conference, I'll have to bring my DH and his humidor. You two will have a grand ol' time. Maybe I'll smoke one too, what the heck!

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