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norabelle(5)January 21, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to request an amount of money from my daughter's school for a winter sowing project. I need help coming up with a dollar amount.

I think I have plenty of seeds to share with four classrooms of children, and I could get more, but I was thinking about asking for money to cover the soil (no pun intended).

I use ProMix, but maybe I need to be a bit more cost conscious for this project and purchase soil that is a little less expensive. (I usually purchase PM by the compressed bale, so maybe this is a good deal for lots of containers? The PM compressed bale is 3.8 cubic feet and is $50 plus tax. Thoughts?)

Let's say there are 100 kids in the four classes but only 80% participation. Each child will have two containers (milk jugs or 2-liter soda bottles)--one to take, one to donate to community and school gardens.

How much money for soil should I ask to fill 160 containers? Fifty dollars? One hundred?

Thanks for any advice or help with this project.



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Since this is a school project for you, the school and the kids, you want to make this as easy as possible for them.

if you use the compressed bail of ProMix, that means soaking to get it mixed to sow.

If you go with Miracle Grow potting mix, which is the only soil I use, then you have soil ready to just put in the containers and then have the kids wet them, sow the seeds and out they go.

The miracle grow would be at least one step less to do and get involved in.

Now, having done all kinds of various things for schools when my kids where young, (now grown adults), you should try and do the following.

Talk with a local nursery or garden center in your city and town. Explain what you are doing, and see if they would be willing to donate the miracle grow potting mix to you for the school project, or cut the price for you.

I found, that with written verification from the school, businesses where more than willing to donate or cut costs to help out the kids; especially if they know you will make sure that it is known that they donated or helped out with the project.

I don't think I would mention the WS aspect to them though, that may turn them off cause the results could end up cutting into their business.

But if you worded it something like, a science project for them to learn how seeds germinate and grow, and that one container is for them to take home and another is for them to donate to community and school gardens, their eyes will get big and their ears will be listening.

They may very well see new customers in these kids as they grow up.

Good luck with your project and it's a wonderful idea.


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Thank you for your suggestions, Fran!

We are intending to do the sowing project at a local nursery. They are my source for promix and seeds, and they know all about my wintersowing, and have been doing some themselves as a result. No worries there--the cat has been out of the bag for a while. :)

The suggestions about the soil prep is a good one for me. I would plan to take care of preparing the soil ahead of time, but this would be one less step in the process, as you mentioned.

Thank you for your help!


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I just have to say that Pro-mix is about half the price your paying at my local greenhouse supply and at the local Agway. I get the big bales for about $25. Have you shopped around?


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Hi, Nancy,

I know, the price is up there. :) This is a small, family-run nursery, and its prices are more than big box stores. In my area, this is the only place that sells promix, period. I could order on the Internet, but the shipping is as much as the bale. I prefer to take the hit in my pocketbook and pay more and support this nursery that has been a part of the community since the 1940s.

This is one of the pitfalls of being a promix lover in my area. :)


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