I think it's safe to say I'm WINTER sowing

lblack61(z5 NY)January 20, 2008

There were even many church services cancelled today.

I shoveled off the back porch for the cats while DH started snowblowing. I shoveled off about 5-6 inches off the stairs (only four steps) and when I was done, there was a 1/4 inch of snow on them. In an hour, there was another 5-6 inches!! YIKES!

I'm loving it :-) Must be I'm fully initiated as an Oswegonian.

Still, I don't think I could ever love snow as much as my dog:

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Ooooooh...you've got some real snow there! Poochie looks like he's taking it all in...LOL. Our childhood dog used to race around the backyard like a banshee in the snow and then come running inside soaked and exhausted just like us kids.

If we don't get some "nice" snow down here soon I'm going to be bummed. Need some snow insulation for all my bulbs!

Definitely wouldn't be saying that if I lived in a snow belt as you do...or probably after I have to shovel a few times.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

We don't have nearly that much snow here, but my cats share that same snow joy. It's wierd. Maggie goes out and digs and digs and pulls out a leaf and brings her "kill" in proud as can be. They come in snow crusted, eat like pigs, groom and then nap like the dead. Good life huh?

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Linda, after what you had last winter, your elation with current snow classifies you as certifiable. Please keep it up north with you.

Locally, it is the 30th anniversary of the blizzard of 1978. This happened a few months after I moved to Cincinnati, and I immediately wanted to move to the tropics.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cincinnati blizzard

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