Stanley/Murray 425605X692A with Peerless 2000 transaxle problem

Southerner-boy(6a)June 10, 2011

I have a Stanley 425605X692A 42" lawn tractor made by Murray (now Briggs) that I bought new in 2001. It has worked well up to about 4 years ago. Then it would not move when first started but after warming up it moved as it should. Last weekend I used it for a half an hour or so before it quit moving. Right after I got it the neutral lever could not move into neutral (so it could be pushed). That did finally move last weekend. Now I wonder if that is why it will not move and can be pushed (but sounds like the gears are turning inside).

The transaxle is a Peerless Tecumseh model 2000 date 002A serial number 10050150. Does anyone know if there is a servicable replacement for that transaxle?

Thank you.

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I noticed that one outfig has a Peerless 2000-002B for sale. That got me to wondering what the difference is between my 2000-002A and the 2000-002B mentioned? I see another is the 2000-006A, is there any rhyme or reason to the model numbers or are they all different?

Thank you.

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